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Welcome to Little stars

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Little stars Play School

Admissions Open 2020-21

About Us

Welcome to Little Stars Play School

At Little Stars Play School, we teach our children the fun way. Our experienced fleet of trained teachers are so passionate about what they do, that they take great pains and efforts in nurturning the children's creativity and skills

Love, Learning and Understanding

are the Meaningful words that makes us believe in the Proper Development of the Child. We are privately owned at little stars we believe that we need to be familiar with children sharing love and concern for our students and work together to build a foundation for their happiness & success.

Our Philosophy

At Little Stars Play School, the child is at the centre of everything we do. We believe that all children have a unique potential that needs to be encouraged and channeled, so that learning is continuous and lifelong. We understand that in order for children to succeed in today’s highly complex and technologically powered world, children need a whole new set of skills to succeed in life.

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Managing Director

We Provide a loving and a familiar environment enabling children to experience Such homely activities as they would at home both Within the sitting and also in the local community.



Play Group

Our Play Group program introduces your children to a more structured day with stimulating activities, group interaction and numerous opportunities .


Our Nursery program teaches essential skills like pre-reading, pre-writing, pre-math, science and social skills in a logical, natural sequence that encourages children.


In Kindergarten program, our emphasis is on the activities that encourage children to realize their inner potential while learning and growing at their own pace.

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Full AC Class
Certified Tutors
Real Natural Garden
Smart Education
Toys & Game Activites

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Call us +91-7895266620 | +91-7017720638

We are located at 64, CIVIL LINES OPP. RAM KUMAR AGARWAL SARRAF,Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh 243001